Rights of Light Surveys

CHANTON SURVEY – Planning & Development Solutions

As we move towards an era of high-rise development Projects, we create an environment which challenges our designers to develop and implement more ways to adequately support the requirement for natural lighting surrounding larger structures. As a result there is an increase in the demand for accurate measurement solutions in relation to Rights of Lights Surveys.

We can establish base data for design, planning and construction phases of any Project where clients need to determine & analyse how proposed developments may impact on the quality of natural light reaching the surrounding areas.

Right of Light Surveys to include:
  • Elevations.
  • Roof Layout Plans.
  • Street Scene Elevations.
Outputs include:
  • Data delivered and presented in 2D & 3D Format.
Survey Experience:
  • Chanton has many years’ experience in delivering Rights of Light Surveys.
  • Projects have ranged in specification from small one-off private developments to large-scale Rights of Light Surveys of high-rise Urban Development Schemes.