Rights of Light Surveys

Are you looking for a precise, tailored right of light survey that can consider the impact of a building proposal on neighbouring light?

As urban developments become more complex, and developers are increasingly likely to build upwards, right of light is a bigger consideration than ever before. Right of lights calculations can be very complex, and at Chanton, we can combine the latest technology with extensive experience to produce surveys that are as detailed, accurate and fair as possible.

Our right of light survey solutions can maximise a site’s development potential by creating a maximum envelope that shows the maximum three-dimensional volume that can be built without impacting right to light. While it is possible to go beyond the maximum envelope, it will demonstrate whether an appropriate right to light strategy needs to be put in place, including agreements or insurance.

How we do it?

Using the latest specialist software, we can establish base data for the design planning or construction phase of any project, no matter how complex. Our surveys include elevations, roof layout plans and street scene elevations.


The results of our survey include measurement data in 2D or 3D format, encompassing ‘footprint’ plans, elevations and roof spaces. We also provide common reference grids and datums, in which all parties may have confidence, and massing models.

Our surveyors have a vast depth of experience with right of light and can produce accurate calculations that determine whether right of light is injured, as well as advising on an appropriate right of light strategy to put in place. At Chanton, our expertise enables us to identify potential problems very quickly and propose solutions that eliminate planning risk and mitigate disputes. Right of light issues can be very complex, but no matter how large your development is our survey results are always clear, unambiguous and practical. We have produced successful right of light surveys for projects of all sizes, from one off residential buildings to large-scale urban high-rise developments.

Whether you need a right of light survey to determine a maximum envelope to meet planning requirements, or an insight into right of light to resolve a dispute, contact us to find out how we can perform the survey with clarity and precision.