Measured Building Surveying

Do you need an incredibly accurate representation of your building, which captures every structural feature and architectural detail?

Our measured building surveys support your site plans by capturing real-time data to document every detail of your project. The survey provides a valuable 3D resource for architects and designers whether you are refurbishing an existing building or undertaking a complex construction project.

How we do it?

Our measured building surveys are produced using innovative processes and the latest technology, such as 3D laser scanners and Total stations, linked to tablets and PC’s. As requirements for measured building surveys can vary considerably, we always discuss your specifications before our surveyors go on-site. Data is captured using advanced surveying tools and then we use AutoCAD or REVIT to draw up accurate measured floor plans or as-built plans, which are compliant with the RICS Code of Measuring practice.


Our measured building surveys can be delivered as a technical report, 2D or 3D AutoCAD, 2D or 3D drawings in PDF format, floor plans, elevations or 3D models.

At Chanton, we have wide-ranging experience of delivering measured building surveying from complex restorations to large urban developments. An accurate, detailed survey is crucial for the planning phase of your construction, especially as infrastructure becomes more complex, to avoid costly mistakes further down the line.

As the purpose of, and level of detail for, a measured building survey can vary vastly, we will liaise with you to tailor a specification that suits your needs. Our surveys use the latest software to map out an immense amount of detail, capturing every relevant aspect of your site or building for the survey’s purpose.

Talk to us about obtaining a comprehensive, accurate measured building survey that supports your building plans by capturing accurate measurements and the fine details of your site.