3D Modelling

Do you want to bring your design to life through skilful 3D land surveying (modelling or visualisation)?

Architectural designs are becoming ever more complex, so producing 3D models or visualisations at the planning stage can be incredibly useful to gain accurate insight into finished designs and avoid future problems. A good 3D model or visualisation of a development provides a contextual understanding for planning purposes. At Chanton, we combine the very latest CAD technology with the expertise of an in-house modelling team, to create accurate and highly detailed visualisations that can be used to create street scenes and fly through models.

How we do it

We use surveyed coordinates to create 3D AutoCAD models. Technology to visualise 3D spatial information in virtual reality environments has become increasingly intuitive, and we use the best of this innovation to create high quality, accurate, multi-purpose 3D models.


Outputs can be tailored towards your project requirements and may include accurate visual representations, detailed 3D models, scan to mesh, photorealistic still imagery or flythrough/walkthrough animations.

Accurate 3D modelling and visualisations can help clients and stakeholders to visualise concepts at an early stage and anticipate and plan for potential pitfalls. They can also be incredibly useful for early-stage marketing of a development, providing a realistic vision that customers can buy in to. Our experience of producing models and visualisation spans a wide rage of projects from small residential developments to complex, urban commercial office blocks.

Whatever design you want to bring to life – whether it’s a brand-new development or refurbishment of an existing building – we can create a precise, realistic visualisation that will help all stakeholders buy into your vision. Talk to us today to find out how we can help you with 3D land surveying and take the first step to taking your design from paper to reality.