Total Survey Management

Survey Management / Project Management Solution

We deliver an innovative approach to your Survey & Engineering requirements by introducing you to Total Survey Management.

Total Survey Management:

We offer a complete Survey Management / Project Management Solution specifically tailored to meet individual Client specific requirements, which provides an invaluable tool to assist Clients deliver Projects on time & under budget.

This Service includes a Survey Management / Project Management facility where Chanton become involved at the earliest stage of each Project to ensure all Survey requirements are delivered, maintained, & managed throughout each Project life-cycle.

Pre-Tender Stage Solution

We provide a comprehensive Service at Pre-Tender Stage – working closely together with our Clients providing a solid basis to formulate costings in relation to Survey Works across Projects.

This includes providing bespoke cloud based estimating tools.

The core components of Total Survey Management:-

Pricing Agreement

  • 2 year agreed Rate Agreements.
  • Discounts based on Project values & overall relationship values.

Survey Management

  • Project by Project Survey & Engineering Planning.
  • Monthly Project Progress & Review Meetings.
  • Independent QA of Results & Output.
  • Liaison directly with site to ensure work is completed to schedule.

Key Benefits of this approach:-

  • Streamlined Survey Management.
  • Cost & Budget Control.
  • Efficient Survey Planning & Scheduling.
  • Reliable Survey & Engineering Delivery.
  • Standardised Delivery & Output.
  • Quality Assurance.
  • Independent Data Validation.

Quality Assurance

We provide Data Validation Services to assist Clients across Projects to ensure all Survey & Engineering requirements are monitored, validated, & delivered accurately first time every time.

Project Review Meetings

We schedule monthly meetings at no charge to review all live Projects, provide feedback, & discuss any improvements we could introduce across Projects.

Project Site Engineers

We also provide Project Site Engineers who would work across all Live Projects. This will assist in the successful delivery of Project requirements, ensuring all Projects have continuity & are sufficiently established & maintained throughout the Project life-cycle.