Underground Utility Surveyors – GPR

Are you looking for a non-invasive underground utility survey to accurately detect, trace and identify all utility services?

An underground utility survey can be invaluable to identify pipes, cables, ducts, sewers, gas pipes and water surface drainage routes before major construction starts. Identifying underground utilities as early as possible on-site is crucial to avoid problems further down the line. At Chanton, we use state of the art technology including radio frequency locators, ground penetrating radar (GPR), GPS and Total Stations. GPR is very effective at capturing images through surfaces such as concrete, rock or soil and identifying non-metallic utilities like gas pipes and Pvc water mains.

How we do it

We capture data using GPR, GPS, total stations and radio frequency locators. This data is combined with detailed topographical survey information to produce an accurate, up to the minute underground utility survey. We can carry out a wide range of surveys, including building services tracing, drainage connectivity surveys, foul drainage route surveys and sub-service void detection.


Our surveys can be provided in 2D or 3D formats with a technical report, and AutoCAD and pdf drawings.

A precise underground utility survey is imperative to avoid any unexpected surprises when work starts which could stall construction and cause unnecessary costs. Our expertise in delivering detailed topographical surveys integrated with accurate underground utility services is particularly useful for complex urban schemes.

We have successfully delivered a wide range of utility services from high-spec surveys to facilitate infrastructure development to detailed surveys for major engineering works.

If you want accurate, up-to-the-minute data about what resides underneath your construction site, and confidence that it is not going to cause unnecessary planning problems or money to mitigate damage, talk to us today about an underground utility survey.