Topographical Surveys

Are you looking for a detailed topographical surveying service which will accurately map out contours and features from an original design?

Our topographical surveys are accurate representations of a site, that carefully detail all natural and manmade features, with levels. At Chanton, we combine the latest technology with forty years of experience to ensure that our surveys are completed to the highest level of precision, detail and quality assurance.

How we do it?

Our topographical surveys are produced using a combination of Global Navigation Satellite Systems, Robotic Total Stations and Digital Levelling Techniques to effectively capture data in two or three dimensions. An accurate topographical survey can be crucial to determine the next points of liaison in a construction project, so our surveys are completed to accuracy requirements of within 2mm horizontal and 1mm vertical.


Results of topographical surveying can be delivered as a technical report, 2D or 3D AutoCAD, 2D or 3D drawings in PDF format or digital terrain models.

At Chanton, we have vast experience of delivering topographical surveying from National Road projects to large urban developments. A good topographical survey underpins the planning phase of your construction, ensuring everyone is on the same page and avoiding expensive mistakes.

As the purpose of, and level of detail for, a topographical survey can vary widely, we can work with you to tailor a specification that suits your requirements. Our surveys can show a range of benchmarks to which ground contours are related, identify features such as manholes or utility poles or show perimeter boundary lines and lines of easement.

Talk to us about obtaining a detailed, accurate topographical survey that helps protect your development against potential setbacks before construction gets underway.