Boundary Surveys / Legal Mapping

Do you need a clear boundary survey that determines boundaries for a property or plot of land?

Whether it is for a complex commercial scheme or a smaller residential project, Chanton has the knowhow and experience to deliver a precise and accurate boundary surveys or legal mapping surveys that can prevent or resolve disputes.

All our boundary surveys are delivered according to RICS regulations, and code of ethics, and our independent professional surveyors can use their expertise to help resolve boundary disputes.

How we do it?

We use Global Navigation Satellite Systems and Total Robotic Stations, combined with 40 years of experience to produce effective boundary surveys that are tailored towards their specific purpose. Boundary queries or disputes can take many different forms, so we always take the time to understand the purpose of your survey to ensure it is comprehensive. Our surveyors accurately map and measure the area in question, assess available documentation and interpret how the boundary relates to existing features.


Surveys can be delivered in a number of ways, including 2D/3D drawings and AutoCAD and digital formats. At Chanton, we can provide a huge range of services related to boundary issues including property registration, boundary definition, property sub-division, boundary dispute resolution and area determination.

Resolving boundary issues, or preventing them from arising in the first place, requires clarity, precision and objectivity. Our extensive expertise with boundary issues and legal mapping means we can produce informative, clear surveys that present information to resolve boundary disputes.

Talk to us to find out how we can produce a boundary or legal mapping survey, which effectively avoids or resolves disputes and clarifies legal concerns, saving time and money.