Volume Surveys

Are you looking for accurate volume surveys to assess stockpile volumes, to calculate resources needed for extraction or to solve a waterlogging problem?

At Chanton, we use state-of-the art technology and the latest processing software to ensure we provide incredibly precise and detailed volume reports.

How we do it

With a team of experienced surveyors, using the latest technology and tools, we can accurately determine 3-D models of stockpiled supplies or excavated quantities, which can be delivered as cubic meter measurements.

Whether you are looking to determine actual earthwork quantities against design quantities, or calculate volumes of cuts and embankment fill, our volume surveys are always performed to the highest degree of accuracy and quality assurance.

From survey reports on small scale residential projects, to volume calculations on large landfill sites, we have a vast range of experience in volume surveys of all complexity.


We can provide volume control deliverables as reports, either hard copy, digitally or both. We can also provide 2D or 3D drawings, triangulation or contour models and cross sections.

To get an accurate analysis of volumes on your site that will enable you to allocate resources, solve issues or meet planning constraints, talk to us today about volume measurement solutions.