Vertical Control

Do you need accurate vertical control surveys to create a robust framework around which other surveys can be created?

With 40 years of experience, and the very latest surveying technology, Chanton guarantees that our vertical control surveys are completed to the highest levels of accuracy. As vertical control surveys are often used as the benchmark for other site surveys, precision is always a key consideration.

How do we do it?

We use at least two permanent benchmarks to establish vertical control, although depending on the complexity of the project, more may be needed. Our process includes researching public records to identify survey monuments near the project area, which are identified on recorded maps or using GPS technology, and identifying local benchmarks. We use the very latest tools including total station and GPS to ensure an accurate determination of elevation. All our engineers are experienced at conducting vertical control surveys and apply high levels of quality assurance and workflow efficiency to every project.


Our deliverables for vertical control surveys include photos, descriptions and drawings, either in hard-copy, digital format or both.

At Chanton, we have worked on a vast range of projects, including high-rise buildings that required very high precision vertical control surveys to sub-millimetre tolerance.

To create an incredibly accurate framework around which other surveys can be created, reducing the risk of error, talk to us about our vertical control surveys today.