Site Control Survey

Do you need a precise site control survey that establishes dimensional control of your project right from the outset?

At Chanton, we combine 40 years of experience with the latest in GPS technology to produce quality, accurate site control surveys.

How we do it

Our team have significant experience of establishing and maintaining precise primary control on a wide range of construction projects. We use the latest technology, including total station instruments and GPS technology to establish primary and secondary control at every stage of the project from the initial traverse, through to providing gridlines and datums.

We can take initial designs and input the data into our tools to digitise coordinates, and we will establish accurate survey control networks, according to setting out criteria using Ordnance Survey information or a best fit site grid.

Whether we are working on a single-plot residential development, or a major commercial construction project, our team have the expertise, skillset and experience to deliver comprehensive and precise site control surveys that always meet your deadlines.

Delivery / Output

We can provide site control deliverables as reports, including photos, descriptions and drawings of all established control points, and a map of the control points and values either digitally, in hard copy format or both.

At Chanton, our emphasis is always on accuracy – precise site control is a must for every construction project whether it is a small housing development, or a complex steel structured building that requires precision dimensional control.

To obtain and maintain accurate dimensional control over your construction project and reduce the risk of errors further down the line, talk to us today about your site control survey.