Site Control & Grid Systems

Do you require an accurate Control Network & Grid System to successfully deliver your Construction/Engineering Project ?

At Chanton Survey delivering accurate & reliable Survey Data is the foundation of what we do.

Our Clients can be assured that highly accurate & reliable Survey Data is provided at critical stages of their Projects, ensuring complex designs can be constructed with confidence.

We establish & maintain highly accurate Control Networks & Grid Systems to successfully deliver both small & large-scale Construction & Engineering Projects.

How we do it ?

We us integrated GNSS, Robotic Total Stations & Precise Levelling techniques to establish & maintain all Horizontal & Vertical Control Networks.

Our “Specialist Teams” of experienced Engineering Surveyors are highly trained to Establish & Verify Control Networks, with Field Observations sent to our Head Office for Post-Processing & Analysis. Observations are processed through the latest Survey Software to calculate Adjustments & produce final Control Network Coordinates & Site Grid Systems.

Site Control & Grid Systems

  • Establish Primary Survey Control Networks.
  • Verify/Check Existing Primary Survey Control.
  • Best Fit Architects Design Grid System to an existing Building.
  • Establish Gridline’s, Datum’s & FFL’s on Site.
  • Construction Verification As-Built Surveys.
  • Sub-Contractor Quality Assurance/Validation Works.

Why Chanton ?

  • 45 years’ experience.
  • High Quality Delivery/Output.
  • Robust Survey Methods & Quality Assurance.
  • Cost-effective Survey Solutions.


  • Technical Report.
  • 2D & 3D AutoCAD.
  • Control Coordinates in Excel format.
  • Drawings in PDF format.

Recent Projects

Large-scale Construction & Engineering Projects, Urban Development Schemes & National Road Projects.

  • Brunel Street Works.

An accurate Control Network & Site Grid System underpins the successful delivery of all Construction & Engineering Projects.

Talk to us today & we will provide you with an efficient & cost effective solution to all your Control & Grid System requirements.