Setting Out

Are you looking for accurate, efficient, setting out survey solutions to take your project from paper to the ground?

What we do

At Chanton, we combine decades of professional expertise with the latest technology, to produce survey solutions that are accurate, always meet specification standards and provide the appropriate level of support for your project, large or small.

How we do it

We can work from co-ordinates, annotated drawings or AutoCAD to provide high quality, accurate survey data, no matter how complex the design. Our surveyors take data and pinpoint positions, setting out features from pileworks and drainage, to above ground features such as brickwork and stud walls. We use GPS systems, giving us real-time coordinates from National Ordnance Survey data, total station or digital levelling techniques so that, whatever the size of your project, the result is always precise, accurate and carried out to your deadline.

From single building residential projects to major buildings like hotels or hospitals, we have the right skillset and appropriate technology to carry out setting out surveys that meet all quality assurance standards. For small projects, we can offer mobile teams that visit your site as and when required, and for larger projects, we can set up a fully computerised office to support your staff, and any subcontractors, through the entire setting out process to minimise the risk of problems.


As building designs become more complex, and prefabricated materials are more commonly used, the demand for accuracy in the setting out phase of a construction project is more rigorous, to ensure that all elements of building works intersect perfectly. At Chanton, we keep tight control of all the little details in the setting out phase, to make sure the big picture works exactly how it should.

To give your project a seamless, timely transition from plans or an architect’s drawing, to the ground ready for construction, call us today or email