As-Built Surveys

Are you looking for precise, efficient as-built surveys to check that construction on your project is progressing as it should?

At Chanton, we have forty years of professional experience, combined with access to the latest technology, to provide as-built surveys that are precise, match your project specifications and keep it on track at any stage.

How we do it?

We can provide as-built surveys at any stage of a development, where you need to monitor the construction taking place, the project level that has been achieved and whether the actual position of structural features matches the original design specification.

Using high definition 3D laser scanning technology and robotic Total Stations, we will verify as-built information to ensure that construction is progressing along specified tolerances and that project timescale targets are within reach.

Our as-built surveys include 2D and 3D drawings, the positioning of structural columns and walls, verticality checks, the positions of all voids on floors and soffits and structural beams and soffit levels.

Accuracy is imperative on as-built surveys – as they are used to measure progress on projects, or check for violations or deviations from design specifications, even tiny errors can be costly and embarrassing. At Chanton, we have produced a vast range of as-built surveys from small residential projects to complex multi-storey office blocks so we have the expertise to provide a highly precise survey no matter how complicated your development is.


We can provide the results of an as-built survey as a technical report, 2D or 3D Autocad or 2D or 3D pdf drawings.

Mistakes and variances can be costly during a construction project and it is much easier to correct them as they happen. For a precise, accurate as-built survey, that keeps your development on track, on time and matching design specifications, talk to us today.