Vibration Monitoring

Are you looking for a precise, intuitive vibration monitoring solution that suits your individual construction project?

Vibration monitoring is important to protect surrounding buildings from structural damage that could be caused during construction or demolition, and to mitigate the risk of claims against contractors. Vibration monitoring is also crucial to protect the neighbouring environment from long-term negative effects. Ideally, the measurement and analysis of vibration levels will be carried out before work commences to determine baseline and background levels, and then continuous, long-term monitoring will take place throughout construction.

How we do it?

Our innovative technology records live data, which is then pushed to a secure interface using LAN or a 3G connection. The real-time live data can be viewed via a shared, secure platform, which can be accessed anywhere via a smartphone, tablet or computer. The monitoring software will also send email and text alerts when vibration levels exceed safe thresholds.


Our traffic light trigger level notification system indicates the risk associated with the vibration levels detected. Automated notifications are released when trigger levels are exceeded, and icons on the system dashboard also show warnings. Spreadsheet data validation and analysis, vibration level reports and trend data graphs and charts are included in the monitoring solution and live data can also be downloaded as a CSV file from directly within the web interface.

Vibration monitoring is vital to prevent damage to neighbouring buildings and the surrounding environment when construction takes place, but it can be costly and time-consuming. That is why Chanton’s vibration monitoring solution is as automated and inexpensive as possible. The damage that can be caused by excessive vibration is so significant that local authorities and major contractors often specify that a solution must be in place for construction to start.

To protect your project, along with surrounding structures, and mitigate the risk of damages claims with an easy-to-use, cost-effective vibration monitoring solution, talk to us today.