Manual Monitoring Solutions

Do you require Structural/Movement Monitoring Solutions to successfully deliver your Construction/Engineering Project ?

At Chanton Survey delivering accurate & reliable Monitoring Data is the foundation of what we do.

Structural Monitoring provides accurate Measurement Data which aids in the analysis & evaluation of structural movement or settlement which may occur during Construction.

We provide Structural/Movement Monitoring Solutions where precise monitoring for early detection of movement/settlement on surrounding structures is required.

Throughout our long and successful history, we have worked together with our Clients to deliver creative & cost-effective Monitoring Solutions. With a team of experienced & highly skilled Project Managers & Surveyors, we are at the forefront of Construction/Engineering Projects.

Our highly trained & experienced workforce, employ the latest high precision instrumentation to provide tailored Monitoring Solutions & ensure the safe delivery of Construction Projects.

How we do it ?

State-of-the-art Survey instruments, advanced survey methods, & rigorous quality procedures are used to measure & record fixed reference points on Buildings/Structures.

Observed Data is presented as changes to Eastings (lateral movements), Northings (longitudinal movements) & Elevation (height movement), typically to within +/- 1mm, & may provide indicators to predict possible issues relating to ground movement/settlement or collapse.


  • Monitoring Reports.
  • Trend Graphs & Charts.
  • Traffic Light Trigger Level System.
  • Spread Sheet Data Validation & Analysis.

Recent Projects

Large-scale Construction & Engineering Works.

  • Queens Bridge House, Nomad Hotel, & Brunel Street Works (£400 Million).

Talk to us today & we will provide you with a cost effective solution to all your Structural Monitoring requirements.

Case Study

Queens Bridge House, London.