Automated Monitoring Solutions

Are you looking for accurate, intuitive and easy-to-use automated monitoring solutions tailored to suit your construction project?

Automated monitoring solution can be used to prevent a variety of problems that could cause complications on your construction project including undue vibration, noise levels, structural movement or unsatisfactory air quality. It’s important to monitor vibration levels to protect surrounding buildings from damage and to mitigate the risk of claims against contractors. Similarly, excessive noise or dust levels could lead to litigation from neighbouring residents and employees or planning constraints or fines imposed by local authorities.

Ideally, the measurement and analysis of levels will be carried out before work commences to determine baseline and background levels, and then continuous, long-term monitoring can take place throughout construction.

How we do it?

Our innovative technology records live data, which is then pushed to a secure interface using LAN or a 3G connection. The real-time live data can be viewed via a shared, secure platform, which can be accessed anywhere via a smartphone, tablet or computer. The monitoring software also sends email and text alerts when vibration levels exceed safe thresholds. All our monitoring solutions comply with the relevant guidance for the components that are being measured, for example BS 5228 which is the British standard for noise and vibration monitoring.


Our traffic light trigger level notification system indicates the risk associated with whichever levels are being monitored. Automated notifications are released when trigger levels are exceeded, and icons on the system dashboard also show warnings. Spreadsheet data validation and analysis, vibration level reports and trend data graphs and charts are included in the monitoring solution and live data can also be downloaded as a CSV file from directly within the web interface.

It is crucial to track the environmental impacts that your construction could be having on the surrounding area to avoid claims and planning problems. Often, local authorities and planning officers will request an assessment of environmental impact to gain an informed understanding of the potential repercussions of a project in the planning stages. Monitoring these factors can seem like an onerous task though, but our software has been designed to be easy-to-use, intuitive and require as little input from your team as possible.

To protect your project, employees, neighbouring residents, and surrounding structures, and avoid claims and planning glitches, talk to us today.