Noise Monitoring

Are you looking for an effective, accurate noise monitoring solution to ensure that your construction project complies with BS 5228?

Monitoring noise levels on-site is crucial to keep a check on whether it exceeds acceptable levels and has a negative impact on the surrounding neighbourhood. Noise can be excessive in terms of both the volume generated and the proposed duration it lasts for. Consequently, local authorities and planning officers may request an assessment of noise levels to gain an informed understanding of the noise that is likely to be generated from a project.

BS 5228 is the British standard that provides details of the mitigation of noise and vibration caused by a construction project, and this is the standard that should be complied with.

How we do it?

Chanton’s progressive technology records live data, which is pushed to a secure interface using LAN or a 3G connection. This real-time live data can be viewed via a shared, secure platform, which can be accessed anywhere via a smartphone, tablet or computer. The monitoring software will also send email and text alerts when noise levels exceed reasonable thresholds.


The notification system, based on traffic lights, indicates the risk associated with the noise levels detected. Automated notifications are released when trigger levels are exceeded, and icons on the system dashboard also show warnings. Spreadsheet data validation and analysis, noise level reports and trend data graphs and charts are included in the monitoring solution and live data can also be downloaded as a CSV file from directly within the web interface.

In the current health and safety conscious environment, it’s crucial to keep tabs on potential noise levels but this can cost both time and money. Chanton’s noise monitoring software has been designed to be as intuitive, simple to use and cost-effective as possible.

We have provided noise level monitoring for a diverse range of projects from smaller residential builds to large multi-level commercial developments.

To mitigate the risk of excessive noise causing complaints or claims, and maximise the chances of meeting planning requirements, talk to us about our easy, inexpensive noise monitoring solution today.