Structural / Movement Monitoring

CHANTON SURVEY will be at the forefront of many Construction Projects where precise Structural / Movement Monitoring for early detection of movement or settlement on surrounding structures is required.

We provide specialised Survey Solutions to monitor and investigate movements in one, two or three dimensions through the utilisation of the most up-to-date Leica Robotic Total Stations, and Digital Levelling instruments.

Survey Methodology:

State-of-the-art Survey instruments, advanced survey methods, and rigorous quality procedures are used to measure and record fixed reference points on structures, with the resulting data computed and presented for further analysis. Observations are presented as changes to Eastings (lateral movements), Northings (longitudinal movements) and Elevation (height movement), typically to within +/- 1mm, and may provide indicators to forecast issues relating to ground settlement or collapse.

Outputs include:
  • Monitoring Report.
  • Trend Graphs & Charts.
  • Traffic Light Trigger Level System.
  • Spread Sheet Data Validation & Analysis.
  • AutoCAD Output.
Process and Presentation:
  • Information is processed and presented in Tabular and Graphical format.
  • Monitoring Report – PDF detailing the position of Monitoring Targets along with the direction of any movement.
Survey Experience:
  • Chanton have successfully delivered Monitoring Programmes for a wide range of Projects throughout our 40 year History.
  • Projects have ranged in specification from private single-storey Projects, to multi-storey high-rise Restoration and Renovation Schemes.
  • Recent projects include: 48/49 Pall Mall, Millbank House, and 25 Upper Phillimore Gardens.