Structural / Movement Monitoring

Do you need a precise, intuitive structural monitoring survey solution to detect movement or settlement on surrounding structures at the earliest opportunity?

Structural movement monitoring solutions can assess movement of adjacent structures or retained facades and check for movement of retaining walls or surrounding buildings during construction or demolition.

At Chanton, we work in close conjunction with engineers to provide an understanding of how their designed structure is deviating during construction. We can also compare real time live data to theoretical models. Monitoring solutions are crucial to solve third party disputes if there appears to be interference with a structure. If there is a perception of movement or structural damage a good structural monitoring system can disprove this if it is not occurring, therefore avoiding litigation. Movement monitoring solutions are also invaluable as an early indicator of potential problems, which can then be remedied.

How we do it

We use state of the art technology, advanced survey techniques and rigorous quality control to measure and record fixed reference points on structures. The tools we use to monitor and investigate movements include Leica Robotic Total Stations, and Digital Levelling instruments. Observations are presented as changes to Eastings (lateral movements), Northings (longitudinal movements) and Elevation (height movement), typically to within +/- 1mm, and may provide indicators to forecast issues relating to ground settlement or collapse.


Our traffic light- based notification system indicates the risk associated with the levels of movement detected. Automated notifications are released when trigger levels are exceeded, and icons on the system dashboard also show warnings. Spreadsheet data validation and analysis, reports and trend data, graphs and charts are included in the monitoring solution and live data can also be downloaded as a CSV file from directly within the web interface.

Detecting movement as early as possible is crucial to carry out remedial action or avoid claims, but it can be costly and time-consuming. At Chanton, we have combined forty years of experience with the latest technology to devise a structural/movement monitoring solution that is cost-effective and simple to use.

Whether you want to monitor potential movement on your construction site to resolve third-party disputes, detect problems early so they can be remedied or gain insight it the deviation of structures, call us today to see how we can help.