Air Quality / Dust Monitoring Solutions

Do you need an accurate, easy-to-use air quality or dust monitoring solution that is tailored to your individual construction project?

Monitoring air quality and dust particles on or around a construction site is crucial to maintain a safe and healthy environment. Over-exposure to dust can cause serious health problems for workers and neighbouring residents so local authorities often specify that levels must be monitored and kept within safe parameters. Air quality and dust monitoring can be costly and time-consuming though, which is why Chanton’s monitoring solutions are as automated and easy-to-use as possible.

How we do it?

We use state-of-the-art technology to record live data, which is pushed to a secure interface using LAN or a 3G connection. The real-time live data can be viewed via a shared, secure platform. It can be accessed anywhere via a smartphone, tablet or computer. The monitoring software will also send email and text alerts when dust or pollutant levels exceed safe thresholds.


The trigger level notification system is based on traffic lights to indicate the risk associated with the levels detected. The system sends out automated notifications when trigger levels are exceeded and icons on the system dashboard also show warnings. The monitoring solution includes spreadsheet data validation and analysis, air quality and dust reports and trend data graphs and charts. Live data can also be downloaded as a CSV file from directly within the web interface.

In today’s health and safety conscious environment, monitoring levels of dust and pollutants to protect on-site workers and neighbouring residents is more important than ever. At Chanton, we use or extensive experience alongside cutting-edge technology to provide precise air quality and dust monitoring solutions that are tailored to your individual construction project. We have successfully delivered monitoring solutions for a vast range of clients, ranging from small residential developments to multi-storey renovation and restoration projects.

To find out how we can provide effortless, intuitive air quality and dust monitoring solutions, that prioritise health and safety, for your development call us today.