Monitoring Survey Solutions

CHANTON SURVEY – Monitoring Survey Solutions

Tailored Site Monitoring Programmes allow us to provide Client’s with Structural / Movement, Noise, Vibration, & Air Quality / Dust Monitoring on a shared platform across a given Project.

Throughout our long and successful history, Chanton have worked together with our Clients to deliver creative and cost-effective Monitoring Survey Programmes. With a team of experienced and highly skilled Project Managers & Surveyors, we are at the forefront of Construction Projects where precise monitoring for early detection of movement / settlement on surrounding structures is required.

Our highly trained and experienced workforce, employ the latest high precision instrumentation to provide tailored Monitoring Solutions and ensure the safe delivery of Construction Projects.

Survey Methodology:

Structural / Movement Monitoring: State-of-the-art Survey instruments, advanced survey methods, and rigorous quality procedures are used to measure and record fixed reference points on structures, with the resulting data computed and presented for further analysis. Observations are presented as changes to Eastings (lateral movements), Northings (longitudinal movements) and Elevation (height movement), typically to within +/- 1mm, and may provide indicators to forecast issues relating to ground settlement or collapse.

Structural / Movement Monitoring – Automated: Dual Axis Wireless Tiltmeters are combined with a 3G / 4G GateWay to measure and record fixed reference points on structures, with the resulting data computed and presented for further analysis.

Data is sent automatically via a Live Data Link to a 3G / 4G GateWay and pushed to the Monitoring Software Suite: web interface which displays data on-line, in real-time.

Environmental Monitoring: State-of-the-art Instrumentation measure and record Real-Time Live Data which is pushed to a secure Website Interface via LAN or 3G Connection.

We offer the following four Environmental components:
  • Live LEQ – Noise.
  • Live PPV – Vibration.
  • Live PM10 – Dust.
  • Live MET – Weather.
Outputs include:
  • Monitoring Reports.
  • Trend Graphs & Charts.
  • Traffic Light Trigger Level System.
  • Spread Sheet Data Validation & Analysis.
  • AutoCAD Output.
Survey Experience:
  • Chanton have successfully delivered Monitoring Programmes for a wide range of Projects throughout our 40 year History.
  • Projects have ranged in specification from private single-storey Projects, to multi-storey high-rise Restoration and Renovation Schemes.
  • Recent projects include: 48-49 Pall Mall, York House, and Millbank House.

Case Study

48-49 Pall Mall, London, SW1Y 5JG.

CHANTON SURVEY was commissioned by Galliford Try to carry out Monitoring Works at 48-49 Pall Mall, London.

The Project Specification was to accurately monitor any movement of the structure during the 80 Week construction phase of the Project.

Chanton provided a tailored Monitoring Programme to include Structural / Movement Monitoring, Vibration Monitoring, & Noise Monitoring across a shared platform for the duration of the Project.