UCL Courtauld Project

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UCL Courtauld Project, 91 Riding House Street, London, W1T 4JG

About this Project

Chanton was commissioned by GRAHAM Construction to carry out a full As-Built Survey, and additionally provide Engineering Services at UCL Courtauld Project, 91 Riding House Street, London, W1T 4JG. Located in Central London the Courtauld Building is to be comprehensively remodelled internally to create a new home for the Medical Research Councils’s (MRC) Prion Unit. The Unit will be one of the worlds leading research facilities studying degenerative diseases of the brain. Through developing this new world class research facility this project will form the foundation to find ground breaking treatments for patients through understanding the fundamental mechanisms of prion and neurodegenerative diseases.

The main Construction Phase of the project will involve rebuilding the external elements and full internal refurbishment.

Job specification:
  • Establish Primary and Secondary Control Network.
  • Conduct a full As-Built Survey of existing Building.
  • Survey all Internal Floors – 7 Floors & Roof.
  • Additionally provide Engineering Services.
As-Built survey to include:
  • 2D Drawings (1 No. Drawing per floor).
  • All structural columns and walls positioned.
  • Verticality Checks on all Columns and structural walls.
  • Positions of all Voids on floors and soffits.
  • All structural walls positioned.
  • 5m Level Grid on all floors.
  • All structural beams and soffit levels.
Engineering Works to include:
  • Setting Out Level Datum’s.
  • Setting Out Grid-lines
  • Provide general Setting Out duties as requested by GRAHAM Construction.

2D Drawing produced for each floor.


GRAHAM Construction

Survey type

Site Engineering